The Vision

The grand vision for Asymmetric Ops is to create a spiritual successor to the old-school squad-based shooters. Command a squad as you take part in an insurrection against the oppressive corporate regimes that dominate society. Plan and execute missions to capture or destroy key targets using conventional and unconventional tactics. Employ stealth by hiding in plain sight among the population. Account for the civilian population while competing for their support. Recruit rebels from the population. Train rebels for specific roles. Command your rebels to complete your missions.

Current To-Do List

The Plan

Below describes my general plan in four phases with initial Early Access release to be the completion of Phase I and leaving Early Access as completion of Phase IV :

Phase I: PvPvE third person shooter

Phase II: PvPvE squad-based shooter

Phase III: PvE coop tactical squad-based shooter

Phase IV: Coop campaign